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Ten habits of highly successful people

There are many different sayings that reinforce the importance of learning from others. It can save a lot trouble and can help you to achieve your objectives faster.

I have compiled a list of 10 habits, or qualities, of highly successful people.

1. Successful people look to see opportunities where others see nothing

Successful people are always looking for opportunities. They don’t listen to the people that discourage them. They objectively look at every business opportunity even when others see nothing.

That does not mean that their ideas always work out. However they are willing to think outside the box and to try things out.

You may start thinking that you are just an ordinary person that doesn’t know how to think outside the box or that everyone else is more clever than you. Don’t think that way. Looking for opportunities is a skill that you should practice and learn with experience.

Personal finances application: Look for opportunities to make extra money. It can be through opening a small online business, a blog or many other ways.

The following articles show you a few ideas ion how to make extra money:
2. Successful people are solutions focused

Successful people are always trying to find solutions to problems. They don’t dwell on the problem, they understand it and look for ways to solve the problem.

Personal finances application: Do you have financial problems? Maybe you have a bit of debt that you want to get rid of or you struggle to follow your budget. Stop focusing on the problem, stop saying to yourself that you have a problem and make a list of possible solutions.

Once you have that list prioritise it and work you way through your ideas in order to find solutions to your problems.

3. Successful people create their own success

This is key to anyone that wants to achieve anything in life. Success won’t come your way, you need to chase it, to create your own success.

What that means is that you will not wait without action to achieve your dreams. Successful people are action oriented, they look for opportunities and they take action. This way you will attract success towards you.

Personal finances application: Define what financial success means to you and write it down. make this list your objective and work hard towards achieving it.

The following articles contain great tips on how to pursue your own success.
4. Successful people are fearful but they take action anyway

Successful people are just like you. They think about the things that can go wrong and they are fearful of them. However they are not controlled by their fears. Being brave is taking action despite fears. That is exactly what successful do.

Now, don’t go crazy on this. You need to evaluate your actions and risks involved. Look at reach potential risk and think about ways to remedy those risks if they ever evaluate. Once you do this you are ready to take action.

With a bit of planning and risk assessment you can take action despite your fears.

Personal finances application: Are you afraid of starting your own business, maybe a blog to start with? Maybe you are afraid that your action won’t bring the results you expect.

If you have made a list of potential solutions to your financial problems (from item 2 above) then evaluate the possible outcome of each option and think about ways to remedy those risks if they ever eventuate.

Once you have done that you are ready for action.

The following article relates to risk taking when investing in shares:
5. Successful people take responsibility for their actions and outcomes

Successful people take responsibility for their actions. If they are responsible for the action of others such as their employees for example, they also take responsibility for those.

They don’t blame anyone else. If you want to be successful you need to take a critical look at your actions and their outcomes and take responsibility for them.

If you stop blaming you open doors to start learning. Once you say that something is your responsibility you are ready to evaluate what happened and learn from it.

Personal finances application: Can you think of anything you have done in the pats to address your financial issues and the outcome wasn’t quite what you expected? Maybe you blamed somebody else, the world economy, the customers that didn’t buy your product of the investment that didn’t go quite right.

Look at what happened and take responsibility for the outcome. You step is t them look at what happened and learn from it.

The following article discusses the topic of taking responsibility for your personal finances:
6. Successful people look for ways of maximizing their potential

Successful people know they shortcomings and the areas that they need to improve. They know that they are as talented as anyone else and that there is lots of potential for improvement.

If you want to be successful you need to recognize the areas that you need to improve and work on them. Successful people are always improving themselves in whatever field they are involved in.

Personal finances application:  Take a critical look at your financial skills. Can you see any areas that need improvement? Maybe you want to learn more about basic accounting or real estate investment.

Focus on the fact that you know that you can address those areas and start working on it.

The following link takes you t an article about basic accounting. Anyone on the road to financial independence needs to control basic accounting principles and know how to apply them in real life.
7. Successful people are productive

Successful people are always busy. They are always doing something. They don’t sit around doing nothing. They are focussed on their objectives and they work hard towards achieving it.

It is very important to live a balanced life as well. If you have a family it is important to spend time with them. Being focused and action oriented does not mean that it is the only thing you do in life. it means that when it is time for work you are doing something and working hard towards achieving your objectives.

It is important to take breaks and to live a balanced life so you can enjoy all areas of your life.

Personal finances application: Create a action calendar. Mark the days and the time where you will be working towards achieving your financial objectives and stick to it.

Be flexible and adapt your calendar to suit all aspects of your life including the time you spend at work and with your family.

The following article discusses the topic of taking action in order to achieve your objectives:
8. Successful people develop relationships with like-minded people

Successful people relate to people that are like-minded and that will encourage them to achieve their objectives.

Look for people that want to achieve the same objectives as you and develop and relationship with them.

This does not mean that you will be calling a few people and then to be your friend. That would be pathetic. You can do this by looking for like minded people on the internet and read about what they do and if possible communicate with them.

This can be done by following the blogs of like minded people, following them on twitter and facebook. It may not look like you are developing relationships with them but you are. You are listening to what they have to say, you are commenting on their blogs and exchanging ideas. That is developing a relationship.

Personal finances application: Do you want to be financially independent one day? If yes them follow me on this blog, twitter and facebook. Comment on the articles on this blog and I will make sure to reply to your comments as quickly as I can.

The following links will take you to my twitter and facebook accounts:
The following links will take you to some other blogs about personal finances. If you like what the other authors say then follow them or comment on their blog posts.
9. Successful people innovate rather than imitate

Successful people don’t copy what other people do, they innovate, they look for opportunities and improve on what others do.

Microsoft for example, they keep on buying other companies and they improve their software and make tons of money by improving them.

Look for ideas of what other people have done and look for opportunities to improve or innovate what others have done.

Personal finances application: Look for small business opportunities. Maybe you can teach someone or provide a service. Look at what other people are doing and improve on it. Innovate. You can teach using a different, improved technique or resources.

10. Successful people have a clear vision for what they want for their lives and work towards achieving it.

If you want to achieve anything in life, the first step is knowing what you want to achieve.

Write down your dreams and objectives clearly and concisely. Then visualise them, memorise them and focus on the fact that you know that you can achieve it.

Personal finances application: Write down your personal finances objectives. Make that your master list, perhaps set yourself some dates and work towards achieving them.

Make the list a dynamic one that changes as you achieve your objectives or that changes as your life changes.
Include long term and short term objectives and have an action plan.

The most important of it all is knowing what to achieve and to take action towards achieving your financial objectives.

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