Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The science of getting rich - how riches come to you

We continue in our journey to look at the timeless advice contained in the book "Science of Getting Rich"  by Wallace D. Wattles.

This articles looks at the chapter regarding how riches come to you. It is one of the most inspiring and insightful articles for anyone reading the book.

Wattles makes a very good point in this chapter: "...give to every person more than you take from him". This is simply the best advice anyone could give me.

It does not matter whether you run your own business, you work for someone else. When dealing with anyone, give more than you take. If you do that, your actions will return to you, many times over.

If you give to anyone more in use value than in cash value, then  you are adding to the lives of the people you are dealing with.

If you are engaged in a business transaction, make sure that whatever you are selling is worth more in use value than what you are getting. If you are a mechanic, ensure that your work is reliable and addresses the needs of your customers.

This principle applies to employees of an organisation as well. If you are working for someone else, make sure that you always go the extra mile. Don't just do what you are asked to do. Always do a little more, or do it a little better. Understand the reasons for your task and deliver more.

Employers, generally, are not seeking to exploit you. All they want is to get more in use value than what they give you in cash value. If you follow this principle, you can be sure that you will attract more cash to you. Either from your current employer or from someone else that is contact with you and knows that you always over deliver.

If you apply the principles in this article you will eventually expand your business, you will get the promotion that you want or the new job. People will know that when they deal with you they get more in use value than what they pay you in cash. They will always come back for more.