Monday, August 9, 2010

The science of getting rich - efficient action

We continue in our journey to look at the timeless advice contained in the book "Science of Getting Rich"  by Wallace D. Wattles.
Wattles tells us to begin to do what we can do wherever  we are. The advice is simple, DO SOMETHING.

You can advance in life only by becoming larger than your present place,  only by expanding your skills, abilities and actions. The world is advanced by people who do much more than they are required to do.

In my case I want to be financially independent. Therefore I need to perform actions that take me closer to my objective. These actions may be learning about how to manage my finances, finding another job or starting my own business. I need to act in such a way that I can move from my current position and start to act in a way that will take me to the place where I want to be, financially independent.

Every day is either a successful day or a day of failure, and it is the successful days which get you
what you want. If every day is a failure you can never get rich, while if every day is a success, you cannot
fail to get rich.

If there is something that may be done today and you do not do it, you have failed insofar as that
thing is concerned — and the consequences may be more disastrous than you imagine.

You cannot foresee the results of even the most trivial act. You do not know the workings of all the
forces that have been set moving in your behalf. Much may be depending on your doing some simple
act, and it may be the very thing which is to open the door of opportunity to very great possibilities.

Your neglect or failure to do some small thing may cause a long delay in getting what you want.

Do, every day, all that can be done that day.

There is, however, a limitation or qualification of the above that you must take into account.

You are not to overwork, nor to rush blindly into your business in the effort to do the greatest
possible number of things in the shortest possible time. You are not to try to do tomorrow’s work today, nor to do a week’s work in a day. It is really not the number of things you do, but the EFFICIENCY of each separate action that counts.

On the other hand, every efficient act is a success in itself, and if every act of your life is an efficient
one, your whole life must be a success.

The cause of failure is doing too many things in an inefficient manner and not doing enough
things in an efficient manner.

Do, every day, all that you can do that day, and do each act in an efficient manner.

The trick is finding out what are the efficient acts. I am afraid this comes with experience and knowledge. That is why I encourage everyone to learn as much as possible about financial management and to learn from others. Learn the success, and failure, stories that others have to share. This way you will not make the same mistakes that others have made.

Do something today. You may want to start saving, or apply for a new job, or start a new business. Anything, take the first step today and start moving away from the place you are today and move towards where you want to be.

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