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Welcome to the November 22, 2010 edition of financial independence.

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Best tips for last minute Christmas shopping. It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Shopping centres a decorated, Santa is around to take photos with the children, shops are playing carols and more…
I do think it is a little early to have all of that. I’d prefer they started at the beginning of December. But hey, it is not about the real meaning of Christmas, it is all about money. Oh, sorry about that, my cynicism is starting to show.

A few habits that are keeping you in debt. There are certain habits that we may have that unconsciously prevent us from paying off our debt and getting ahead.
Following are seven habits that may be holding us back from paying off debt and getting back into the black. Remember debt matters, it is important to get ahead in order to turbo charge you journey into financial independence.

Save you money shopping online. Online retailers are able to offer you more discounts than the normal shop because they don’t have the overheads of paying for rent and other expenses related to having a physical building.

How to turn income into wealth. The secret to financial independence is to turn your income into wealth. In other words, in order to be wealthy you need to take what you earn and make it work for you instead of you constantly working for money.

Reader's Articles

Rosa Wilson presents Change of Address: 10 Ways to Save Money On Your Grocery Bill posted at Change of Address.

Rosetta presents Interest Rates for IRA posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Finding the best IRA interest rates available today is a good way to protect your retirement portfolio. Learn how to calculate the interest rates for IRA to help get you better returns."

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Tim Chen presents WalMart MoneyCard vs Western Union MoneyWise: Prepaid Debit Card Showdown posted at NerdWallet Blog - Credit Card Watch, saying, "You’ve probably seen the WalMart MoneyCard at your local WalMart, offered in partnership with Green Dot Financial. While it’s definitely one of the better deals out there, it’s not the best deal."

FIRE Getters presents Tools - FireSafe Your Personal Finance Documents! posted at FIRE Finance, saying, "It's a nice idea to keep our important personal finance stuff in such a way that we can grab hold of it and leave at a moment's notice. In case we cannot do so, it'd be great to have a back-up at a safe place with an easy access in case of natural calamities or unforeseen disasters ...."

Steve Smith presents Several Reasons Why You Should Learn Currency Trading posted at Forex Trading System Central, saying, "Trading currencies can produce income that you need to support yourself and your family in these difficult times."

Cynthia Merritt presents 10 Things College Students Should Know About Credit Cards posted at College Crunch.

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Alexander Peter presents Do Students Need A UTR Number? posted at, saying, "If you are self employed student you may need to apply for a UTR number to pay your taxes."

Charles Chua C K presents Effective Personal Budget for Financial Freedom posted at All About Living with Life.

David de Souza presents 4 Things Everyone Should Know About Inheritance Tax posted at UK Tax Blog, saying, "Guide to inheritance tax, how it works and what tax allowances you can claim"

Jessica Bosari presents Five Financial Problems Women Face and How to Manage Them | posted at Billeater, saying, "Women's financial concerns"

Arjun Rudra presents Discussing Investing In Income Producing Assets Like Bonds And Dividend Stocks with Benoit Poliquin, CFA of Pallas Athena posted at Investing Thesis, saying, "Discussing income investing using preferred shares and dividend stocks."

Alex Deeds presents Top 50 Blogs for Yard Sale Aficionados posted at Associate Degree, saying, "If you’re wondering what people did before eBay, the short answer is yard sales. The practice of putting ones old or unused items up for sale to the public can be found in just about every neighborhood on any weekend of the year."

Stephen Kavita presents Personal Finance Tips That Ensure You Generate Wealth And Achieve Financial Freedom posted at Self Improvement Tips, saying, "Financial discipline and delayed gratification can be achieved through a system of rewards and punishments to yourself."

Mike Piper presents International Bond ETFs and Funds: Should You Own Them? posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, "Does it make sense for U.S. investors to own international bond ETFs or funds?"

Jeff Weber presents Capital One Venture Card Review posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, "The Capital One Venture card is good for consumers who don't carry credit card debt from month to month, but not the best option for people who don't spend heavily and pay their bills in full every month."

CreditShout Kevin presents How To Develop a Customized Debt Payoff Plan posted at CreditShout.

BWL presents Amazon Subscribe & Save: Save Hundreds & Automate Your Shopping posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, "A look at a little known subscription program that can help you save money on items you buy each month and simplify your life in the process..."

Robert Alan presents 5 Secrets a Credit Card Company Would Never Reveal posted at Credit Cards Blog |, saying, "Here are 5 secrets credit card companies know but wouldn’t likely reveal to it’s customers"

Tom Tessin presents 10 Identity Theft Facts to Know posted at FSC Blog, saying, "Identity theft effects a lot of us, and you need to learn on how to fight it, as well as know how many people become a victim."

Michael Pruser presents Ink Bold℠ with Ultimate Rewards℠ – $100 Bonus Cash Back posted at The Dough Roller, saying, "thanks for the inclusion"

Michael presents New Jersey Ranks Fourth for Innovative Companies posted at Consumerism Commentary, saying, "thanks for the consideration"

Odysseas presents Recovering Your Credit After the Great Recession posted at Wallet Blog, saying, "Hey, I think your readers will enjoy our submission this week because it shows people one main option for improving their bad credit. You are not alone if you are suffering from bad credit. Luckily, we have one solution that can help."

freefrombroke presents Ways To Increase and Improve Your Credit Score Without a Credit Card posted at Free From Broke, saying, "Fixing credit card habits isn't the only way to build up your credit score. There are also a couple of ways to build credit without a credit card."

Jane Chin presents Wealth Building 101 » Wealth Building is about Mastering Impulses posted at Wealth Building 101, saying, "Wealth building is one of those things where You get a lot of people telling you how you “should” do it, how they would do it, why you’re doing it wrong and you should do what they say, which of course, would be “right”."

Silicon Valley Blogger presents American Express Delta Credit Cards For Flight & Miles Rewards posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Here's a review of a credit card for those who travel often!"

Judy Blackburn presents What Sets Christian Debt Relief Apart From Others posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, "Is there a difference between Christian debt relief and the run-of-the-mill debt relief service."

PT presents Which Debt Do You Pay Down First? posted at Prime Time Money.

Youdondour torres presents Quick same day advance loans posted at Quick and easy payday loan!.

Youdondour torres presents Advance cash loans posted at Pay Day Loans For You Today!.

Youdondour torres presents Bad credit payday loans, apply now! posted at Quick and easy payday loan!.
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