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Welcome to the November 29, 2010 edition of financial independence.

Your Financial Independence Articles

Ten habits of highly successful peopleThere are many different sayings that reinforce the importance of learning from others with more experience than ourselves.  This can save a lot trouble and can help us to achieve our objectives faster.

I have compiled a list of 10 habits, or qualities, of highly successful people. I honestly believe that anyone can develop these habits and progress to achieve anything in life.

Maybe I am a little naive but hey, it worked for them so it will probably work for me as well.

How to make some extra money - I have read quite a few articles about how to make some extra money. There is a wide range of advice that goes from saving, to keep the money in your pocket, to using your credit card to make money through rewards.

Here are a few of my favorite tips.

Personal finances management for when you are broke, debt consolidation home equity loans - It can be very difficult to budget when you are under financial stress. The following tips are aimed to us to budget when lacking a bit of cash.

Reasons to say NO to credit - It is very easy to get credit these days. Many credit card companies offer introductory rates that are very attractive, combine it with a culture that encourages to spend money then there is potential for a personal finances disaster.

Our society seems to place value on the things we have and not who we actually are. I observe this whenever I go. People compare the cars they drive, the school the kids go to or the clothes they wear. It is ridiculous. This encourages people to purchase stuff using credit.

Here are a few reasons why you should say no to credit.

Videos on how to be successful - The following videos provide quick and valuable  tips on how to be successful.

Reader’s Articles

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Odysseas presents ‘Money is Not Easy, but It’s Simple’ posted at Wallet Blog, saying, "Hey, taking control of you financial future takes patience, but it does not have to be complicated when you set appropriate goals and know what your priorities should be."

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Arjun Rudra presents Discussing the investment case for Kinross Gold (K:TSX) with Bruce Campbell of Campbell & Lee Investment Management posted at Investing Thesis, saying, "While many have argued that gold will continue to outperform going forward, there are equally as many who argue against an investment in gold , including the Oracle of Omaha. While there are valid points on either side of the argument it is you who has to judge on which side of the debate you fall. Having said that, if you happen to fall on the side that calls for an investment in gold , you’ll likely enjoy the following interview."

Money Crashers presents » What Is Divorce Insurance Coverage? posted at Money Crashers, saying, "One of the latest products to be rolled out by the insurance industry is divorce insurance. Yes, you heard me correctly, divorce insurance. The question is, what exactly is it and should you consider it?"

Youdondour torres presents Quick sameday advance posted at Pay Day Loans For You Today!.

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