Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top 5 millionaire habits that can make you rich

Do you ever catch yourself thinking how you would manage your money if you were a millionaire? Do they even care, they have so much money that they probably don’t even care about it?
That’s not true, the rich know how hard it is to get money and they manage it very well. They don’t waste it.
I found online the following 5 millionaire habits that can make you rich, if not, they can at least boost your bottom line.
#1 Frugality
You may think that the real rich have an over the top luxurious life style. Some of the world’s richest people have come from humble beginnings and know how hard it is to get to where they are. They did it by watching the bottom line.
Many of the richest people’s success can be attributed to their frugal lifestyle. They started by being frugal, saving and then investing their capital. Warren Buffet is an example of how a frugal start can take you a long way and make you wealthy.
#2 Entrepreneurship
Many millionaires that you hear about have started with nothing and built their way into wealth, they are self-made millionaires.
The point is to act and do something. It takes motivation, action and hard work to start something that gives you the potential to accumulate wealth.
Doing the same thing you always do will not change anything, you need to take a step forward and act, start something, do something today. You never know where it could take you.
#3 Taking risks
Possibly all millionaires posses the quality of risk taking, they are willing to take a leap of faith in the process of working towards achieving their objectives.
A risk can take different forms. No matter what the risk is, it is important to take calculated risks.
When taking calculated risks you need to evaluate the possible outcomes of your action and ensure that yiou have a plan of action for each possible outcome.
#4 Vision
Having a vision means that you know what you want to achieve and how you will get there.
Many people that got rich have a vision to solve a problem or about how a certain aspect of life could be improved. Bill Gates have a vision for personal computers and we all know where that vision took him.
Do you have a vision or a dream?
#5 Patience
Millionaires know when to take action and when to wait. They know that sometimes it takes time and perseverance to fulfil a dream.
Patience comes with perseverance. Millionaires know that in order to achieve anything in life you need to work hard for it until it pays off.
Success does not come overnight, it takes time sot get busy.
We all know that making money is not easy. The good news is that these qualities are available to all of us.
You may say that you are not very patience or that you don’t have a vision. However you can work on these qualities and develop the areas that need improvement.
These habits have the potential to take you closer to achieving financial independence.
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