Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to make some extra money

I have read quite a few articles about how to make some extra money. There is a wide range of advice that goes from saving, to keep the money in your pocket, to using your credit card to make money through rewards.

Here are a few of my favorite tips.

Create ad supported websites or blogs

This can be a bit time consuming and it can take a while to give you the return you want. Nevertheless there is a lot of potential for long term, enjoyable earnings.

An easy way to start is by using the Google’s blogger site. It will take literally a few minutes to setup a blog, and then you can add a variety of monetisation strategies including adsense, chitika ads and more.

Sell your old stuff

A garage sale can put some money in your pocket and, at the same time, help you to get rid of your old stuff.

My neighbor does at least 2 garage sales a year and often makes more than $1000 from them.

The kids also like to join in the fun and sometimes they sell drinks for $.50c.

It is great fun!

Resell items

Do a little research online and find which items are on demand and how much you can get by selling them online. Once you have your little list go shopping. Buy those items in garage sales or cheap shops and resell them online for a profit.

Don’t forget to including postage when you calculate how much you need to charge for your items.

Offer your service to others

There are many people that need different types of services. Lawn mowing, pet sitting, grocery shopping and more. Try offering your services through your local paper and you can probably make a few bucks from it.

Use your current job skills

Take what you do in your current job and consider offering the same service to others during the weekend or night time.  A similar option is to teach what you know to others.

Telecommute, car pooling

Make money by saving the money you spend in gas. Speak to your employer about the possibility of telecommuting or speak to your colleagues about car pooling.

Flip websites

If you have the technical skills then create websites with traffic and income potential and flip it. Have a look at for a few ideas.

Sell photos online

Anyone cam get out there in the great outdoors and take some good quality pictures. During the weekend take your camera with you, take a few pics and sell them online.

Before you go out taking the pictures do a little research online to find out the topics that are in demand. This can help you to take targeted pictures which will improve your sales potential.

Take a real estate course and become a real estate agent

I know this sounds a little wild but it is definitely an idea with huge earning potential. if you are a stay at home mum talk to your partner about take weekend courses on real estate selling and get yourself licensed.

Once you do that you can start an online real estate agency which has less overheads to you and therefore you charge a little les commission from your customers every time you sell.

People already do that on eBay. There is nothing preventing you from creating an online shop to sell, well to sell properties.

If you do that make sure you do your research to get yourself insured and make sure that you follow all of the required legal obligations.

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