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Financial Independence Compilation

Welcome to the November 7, 2010 edition of financial independence.

Your Financial Independence Articles

Top 10 money tips to become debt free - One of the purposes of this blog is to help myself to learn more about money in order to help me to become debt free and, hopefully, financially independent.

Being debt free is almost a dream for me at moment, with the power of compounding interest working against me I keep on paying my credit card debt every month and it doesn’t seem to go down no matter what I do.

This post is a result of my own research around the internet on 10 strategies to help me to become debt free.

The Australian interest rate is up, the average bloke and the Australian prosperity -  Yesterday the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to increase the interest rates by 0.25% once again. The banks already started to move with the Commonwealth Bank increasing their rate by almost twice as much as the RBA increase.

The government then starts to make a lot of noise, the shadow treasurer continues to blame the government and the average bloke feels the pinch…

Organise your finances with online banking - Using online banking can be a quick way to take control of your finances. These days online banking offers many tools that can actually hep you to save money. Here are some ways online banking can help you.

A few tips to save money - Do you want to save some money? When times are tight and you are struggling to make ends meet you will face the inevitable decision to cut back in some expenses. Here are some ideas to help you to cut back on those expenses without sacrificing too many of life’s pleasures.

Reader’s Articles

Khaleef @ KNS Financial presents 5 Things You Can Still Do To Increase Your Tax Refund! posted at Faithful With A Few, saying, "Here are 5 things that you can still do in 2010 to reduce your tax liability and hopefully increase the size of your tax return." presents Ever Hear of the Inflation Tax – Your Taxes Could be Raised Indirectly posted at Back Taxes Help.

Tax Debt Help presents Home Prices Falling but Property Taxes Going Up posted at Tax Debt Help.

debt kid presents Real Costs of a Car posted at DebtKid.

Alexander Peter presents Applying For Tax Credits posted at, saying, "Information on what tax credits are and how to apply for them."

Aaron Durant presents Chocolate company posted at, saying, "make money by starting a chocolate company"

David de Souza presents What Everybody Ought To Know About Capital Gains Tax posted at UK Tax Blog, saying, "Guide to what Capital Gains Tax is and how it works"

Sam presents NEW !! The Best Stocks to Buy from the S&P 500 Index posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, "Thanks for including my article on the best stocks to buy. Here's an excerpt... Bypass all the hype and noise you hear about the best stocks to buy. Go right to the facts. Here are 25 stocks from the S&P 500 with the best price increase over the past 12 months. The S&P 500 is a broad index of stock market performance. If you want to find the best stocks to buy from the S&P 500 Index, this table is a good place to start. It shows which were the best stocks, that is, the stocks with the largest price appreciation during the past 12 months. In addition to price appreciation, buyers of some stocks also receive dividends as part of their total return. The table includes companies from diverse industries like Internet Information Providers, Travel, Titanium, Engines, Cars and Trucks, Communications, Software, Auto Parts, Mining, Real Estate, Hospitality, and Retail, to name just a few. Of course, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. But the numbers show you how much money these stocks made for the investors who bought them."

CardWisdom presents Minimize Credit Card Interest on Holiday Purchases posted at Card Wisdom, saying, "If you need to take on new credit card debt during the holidays, use a 0% credit card to reduce your interest expenses."

Susan Howe presents Can You Really Be Murdered for Insurance Money? posted at Insure, saying, "Although murder-for-life-insurance plots in movies typically end with the culprit being marched off to prison, real-life incidents are not often black and white."

Mike Piper presents 401(k) or IRA? What to Do If Your 401(k) Stinks posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, "If your 401k has high fees and expensive funds, should you contribute to it or to an IRA?"

CreditShout Kevin presents Dealing With Credit Card Debt From a Spouse posted at CreditShout.

FIRE Getters presents 15 Financial Failings That Will Prevent An Early Retirement! posted at FIRE Finance, saying, "For those of us who want to retire comfortably and do so while we still have the energy to enjoy our free time, personal vices must be kept to a minimum. Eliminate or at least put off indulging in bad habits that will cost you money in both the short and long term, and you will reach your goal of a relaxing retirement that much sooner ..."

FMF presents Free Money Finance: How to Buy and Sell Physical Gold and Silver, Part 1 posted at Free Money Finance, saying, "Ever want to know the specifics of how to buy physical gold and silver? This interview with a gold/silver expert will give you all the details!"

Jim Nariel presents How you can trust an Internet Master and earn money by online marketing fast posted at Point and Click Program Revealed, saying, "blog post showing how to pick the right internet teacher for making money online"

MoneyNing presents Should We Shield Our Kids From The Economic Reality? posted at Money Ning, saying, "Would you want to talk to your kids about your financial situation, or should you hide everything from them so they can have a happy upbringing?"

BWL presents Tax Treatment for Inherited IRAs posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, "Everyone is going to leave this earth some day and, yes, everyone will pay taxes – but, we can try to prolong facing these two guarantees as long as possible. A Stretch IRA is a way to prolong your tax payments when you receive an inherited IRA. So let’s take a look at the tax treatment of Inherited IRAs and what a Stretch IRA actually does…"

Thursday Bram presents Friendly Financial Advice: Get Educated, and Get Experienced posted at Currency.

Jeff Weber presents How Much Can You Save with a 0% APR for 21 Months posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, "A person with $3000 of credit card debt who pays $60 a month can save just over $400 with a 0% balance transfer for 21 months. A person who pays $150 a month can save a similar amount and be debt free before the rate expires."

Neal Frankle presents Find A High Paying 2nd Job Using Craigslist posted at Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management Advice, Financial Stess Management, Addiction Recovery Plan & Resources, saying, "You Can Find A High Paying 2nd Job Using Craigs List If you’re looking for high paying 2nd jobs, look no further than your computer screen. You can create your own 2nd job using Craigs List."

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Sony Discount Code, Sony Promotion Code: Electronics For Less posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "You can pay less for goods and electronics by using discount codes."

PT presents If You Can Earn $5, You Can Change Your Life posted at Prime Time Money.

freefrombroke presents Five Ways to Invest Without Buying Stocks posted at Free From Broke, saying, "Buying stocks has been seen as risky for many these days. No worry, there are other ways to invest besides stocks."

presents Printable Calendar 2011 posted at Home Life Weekly, saying, "Help get your finances in order for next year with this free printable calendar"

Youdondour torres presents Apply now for a 1 hour payday advance loan! posted at Pay Day Loans For You Today!.

Youdondour torres presents Get approved now for a no hassle payday advance loan posted at Quick and easy payday loan!.

Youdondour torres presents Bad credit, no credit payday advance loans posted at Quick and easy payday loan!.

Youdondour torres presents Cash in advance loans, apply now! posted at Pay Day Loans For You Today!.

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