Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Organise your finances with online banking


Using online banking can be a quick way to take control of your finances. These days online banking offers many tools that can actually hep you to save money. Here are some ways online banking can help you.

Stay up to date with your bills

You can use online banking anywhere and anytime. All you need is access to a computer. Most banks these days also offer you the ability to access online banking from your cell phone. If you are out shopping and your are not sure how much money you have in your checking account you can quickly get your phone out and find out. You can also use online banking to set up alerts whenever a bill is due or whenever you balance hits a certain amount. it is an easy way to avoid unnecessary bank fees.

Preventing overdrafts

I mentioned this in the previous point but I think it is important enough to emphasize it. You can use your online banking to setup alerts so you are notified via email or text message whenever your balance drops a certain set amount.

Organising bill payments

Most banks, if not all, offer you the ability to pay your bills online. They also let you organise recurring payments like your mortgage payment for a full year. Have you ever missed  credit card payment? You can automate those payments with your bank and ensure that you pay at least the minimum account on your cards avoiding late fees and extra interests.

Seeing total expenditure to each vendor

Another feature of online banking is the ability to see how much money you have paid to a given vendor. If you think you are paying too much in your phone bill then go online and check how much you have paid to your telecommunications provider. This can help you budget and save money.

Exporting your data to use with your personal finances software

Do you use personal finances software to manage your finances? A feature that I find very handy is the ability to export my transaction from my online banking and import them into my personal finances software. I can then very quickly run various reports and track may expenditures/savings.


  1. I loved your post. It is simple and plain. I know some software that can help with exporting your data from personal bank account.

  2. a quick and easy way to control your finance by online banking.......