Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A few tips to save money


Do you want to save some money? When times are tight and you are struggling to make ends meet you will face the inevitable decision to cut back in some expenses. Here are some ideas to help you to cut back on those expenses without sacrificing too many of life’s pleasures.

Rent a movie. Going to the movies can be an expensive activity. It could add up to about $40 per person. You can still have a good time if you rent a movie and stay at home in the comfort of your couch. Go to the shops and get your popcorn, lollies and sit back and relax.

Do something that you like and that will relax you. The idea from this advice is for you to do something that you enjoy that will help you to relax. It may be a bubble bath or going for a bike ride or just a walk in a pleasant area. Research says that when times are tough it is important for people to do something that will relax them, something other than shopping. Just do something that will not break the bank.

Cook at home. Eating at restaurants can be very expensive. Another expensive habit is buying lunch during the week instead of taking from home. When I buy lunch at work I always spend about $10. If I take sandwiches or left overs from home it only costs me a fraction of what it would cost if I bought my lunch. If you find difficult to pack your lunch in the morning then pack it the night before.

Use the library. We all pay for the library with our taxes so might as well use them. Go to the library, these days they not only have great books but also DVDs and audio books.

Drink at home. Going for a night out with your friends can be very expensive. Depending on what you drink an glass can sometimes cost more than $10. You can certainly save a few dollars if you stay at home and get your friends over.

Review your budget or create one.  Take control of your expenses by reviewing your budget and cutting back in whatever area you can. If you don’t have a budget then create one. You may be spending a lot more money than you realise. Reviewing your budget can sometimes save a few hundred dollars a month.

Lower the thermostat. There is nothing wrong in putting a jumper on when you are at home. Heating takes up a big percentage of your electricity bill so put on a jumper and lower the that thermostat.

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