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Financial Independence Compilation

Welcome to the August 2, 2010 edition of financial independence.

This week we have been very busy here at "Your Financial Independence". We have added a new section which discusses how the timeless book the Science of Getting Rich has helped me on my path to financial independence. In there, I tell you a bit of my story and how the book has provided me with an extra $42,000. Click here to read more...

Your Financial Independence Articles

Evaluating Investment Opportunities - Evaluating opportunities (e.g. , , ) is easier if you use a standard set of criteria to measure and compare them. While each investment must be evaluated in the context of your personal goals and objectives, in most cases the following characteristics may be considered. Click here to read more...

A few strategies to make some extra money - It is always a good idea to make some extra . It can help you to pay off a , save or just buy something that you want. Click here to read more...

Debt Consolidation - means taking out one loan to pay off others. One of the main benefits of taking out a debt consolidation loan is sometimes lower interest rate and the convenience of paying off only one loan. Click here to read more...

The science of getting rich - how riches come to you - Wattles makes a very good point in this chapter: "...give to every person more than you take from him". This is simply the best advice anyone could give me. Click here to read more...

The science of getting rich - gratitude - This articles looks at the chapter regarding. The bottom line about this article is simple: "what comes around goes around". Click here to read more...

The science of getting rich - the will power -When you know what to think and do, then you must use your will to compel yourself to think and do the right things. That is the legitimate use of the will in getting what you want — to use it in holding yourself to the right course. Click here to read more...

Your free gift - We are offering you a free gift that we are sure that it will inspire you on your road to success. The book the Science of getting rich has inspired me and started me on my road to financial independence. I encourage you to download the book and join the SOGR network. You have nothing to lose. Click here to download your free book.

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Jacob A. Irwin presents eBay vs. Amazon - Part 1 - Comparison of Selling posted at My Money Blog - Personal Finance and Investing, saying, "A comparison of whether it is more profitable and efficient to earn extra money selling items on eBay or Amazon."

Michael Pruser presents Are Debt Consolidation Companies Your Friend? posted at The Dough Roller, saying, "All of the advertisements about Debt Consolidation Companies helping you out are a bit misleading..."

Arohan presents Avoid These 5 Common Investing Mistakes posted at Personal Dividends, saying, "It is too easy to get carried away with personal and market sentiments. But if your investment portfolio is to succeed, you need to pay attention to these common investment mistakes and avoid them."

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