Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Top 4 benefits of investing in shares

Investing in shares can be quite a rewarding  experience. There are plenty of risks, however the benefits outweigh the risks if you do your homework.

Following are my top 4 benefits of investing in shares

Capital growth - Capital growth occurs when the value of your investment increases. Many people invest for capital growth to build their wealth and protect themselves against inflation.

People invest in shares because they offer the possibility that their price will rise. Owning shares in a company with a rising share price is one way to achieve capital growth.

Capital growth is essential to investors as long as there is inflation. Inflation is a measure of the rise in the price of goods. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) aims to keep inflation within a range of 2-3%. With no capital growth, your money will buy less in the future than it does now.

Income - A dividend is the distribution of a company's net profit to shareholders. Dividend yields vary greatly from company to company. It is not compulsory for a company to pay a dividend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to pay off your credit card debt quicker

It is important to get on top of your credit card debt because it has the potential to completely destroy your life and lead you to bankruptcy. I know it sounds a little dramatic, but that is the way like to address this kind of debt.

Say that you have 50k in credit card debt and that your minimum monthly payment is $1500 a month. If you only pay the minimum amount every month it will take 42 years to pay off the entire amount.

What happens if your circumstances change and you can no longer afford to pay the minimum monthly payments?

The quickest way to pay off your credit card debt is to make extra payments. There is a catch though. If you are now paying $1500 a month, the catch is to continue to pay this amount even when your minimum required payment goes down. If you consistently pay $1500 a month using this strategy, you will finish paying your debt in less than 5 years.

More often than not, people make the mistake to pay only the minimum amount and continue paying only the minimum amount even as the required amount reduces every month. That is the mistake. The trick is to start paying the minimum amount but, as the principal goes down and the required minimum monthly payment reduces, you need to continue paying the higher amount.

There you have it, a simple way of paying off your credit card debt much, much faster.

Click here for great resources on becoming financially independent.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Financial Independence Compilation

Welcome to the February 6, 2011 edition of financial independence.

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Unbalanced Passions presents Black Friday is For the Dumb Yuppies and the Stupid.Slaves Who Are Funding There Own Enslavement Buying Junk From China. posted at Unblancedpassions, saying, "Personally every time I had to work on Black Friday. The most stupid yuppies are out in force. They do not know how to drive. They are rude and absent minded of the most. These are the ones who drive in cars and minivans so ugly to show how pathetic they are as people. I am not going to get up at midnight or 4am to save a dollar at a big box stores selling that junk from China."

Rosette presents Best Instant Access Savings Accounts posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Learn how to protect your savings and money by using instant access savings accounts. Find out how to choose the best instant access savings account that's available today."

nzpcs presents Student Loans posted at Finance | Loans | Mortgages, saying, "There are a lot of different ways of funding your way through college. You might be one of those students lucky enough to have a full scholarship. You may also have rich or generous parents who are willing or able to pay the bills. However, many students are not so lucky. Most of the above funding sources will only pay part of the bill, not the total."

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Rosette presents Best Forex Broker posted at Stock Tips, saying, "If you're interested in trading Forex, you should first learn how to find and choose the best Forex broker available today."

Everything Finance presents Installing the Best Security System for Your Company posted at Small Business Resource, saying, "Security is very important no matter what kind of business you are in. It is important to protect not only your business interests. It is important so that you can protect the interests of those you do business with. The more you invest in a good system, the more likely it is that you will be able to enjoy greater savings. These saving are in regards to avoiding the losses you would have incurred if you did not have a system installed in your business. Thus, taking your time is of the utmost importance."

DebB presents Direct Sales Newsletter For Team Training posted at Direct Sales / MLM Cash Flow, saying, "When you put together an auto series of valuable training content, your team will grow!"

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DebB presents Worldwide Direct Selling Professional Awards posted at Direct Sales / MLM Cash Flow, saying, "The Direct Selling Power Awards were announced showcasing the top direct selling professionals worldwide. The direct selling industry’s premier list of global leaders was made public on live radio and simulcast around the world."

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Pinyo presents How to Become a Millionaire posted at Moolanomy, saying, "Becoming a millionaire is a popular dream amongst Americans. This article discusses the strategies on how you might become one, and the pitfalls that you will want to avoid."

money and finance

Alexander presents A Bank With A Great Dividend posted at Dividend Stocks, saying, "This bank has been a solid stock performer for years and has gone largely unnoticed by Wall Street."

CreditShout Kevin presents Does Budget Software Really Help You Get Out of Debt? posted at CreditShout.

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Alexander presents Kellogg’s Consistent Dividend posted at Dividend Stocks, saying, "Kellogg’s stock pays a dividend of $1.62 which equates to a dividend yield of 3.20%. This yield is slightly higher than the historical yield of 2.60%"

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Robert Alan presents Top Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers posted at Credit Card Assist, saying, "Often villified, but totally understood, some of the top balance transfer credit cards, offer 0% interest for up to 24 months right now. Card issuers are being more aggressive than ever about the length of their introductory offers."

Craig/FFB presents TurboTax Online Tax Software 2010 Review posted at Free From Broke, saying, "TurboTax proves they are the industry standard in tax preparation software. See how TurboTax can benefit you."

Tim Chen presents NerdWallet's Best Rewards Card Roundup, Winter 2011 Edition posted at NerdWallet Blog - Credit Card Watch, saying, "At NerdWallet, we don’t believe that credit cards are one-size-fits-all. Even if a credit card advertises big rewards rates, signup bonuses, and bonus categories, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to take advantage of them."

Saymour Hodge presents How To Be Frugal: Frugal Car Shopping Tips posted at All Things Frugal, saying, "Shopping for a car can be an anxiety-inducing experience. It’s a major expense and a purchase most people usually only make once every handful of years. The goal in shopping for a car is to walk away feeling good about your purchase. Follow these tips to achieve that goal"

Craig/FFB presents The Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards posted at Free From Broke, saying, "Finding the best credit card to fit your particular traveling needs is a great way to maximize your credit card and your spending. You can earn airline miles, hotel bonuses, flight bonuses, as well as rewards points and more."

Tim Chen presents Continental 50,000 Mile Credit Card Sign Up Bonus (United Too!) posted at NerdWallet Blog - Credit Card Watch, saying, "Continental and United are merging their mile programs at the end of 2011, as part of their recent merger, so users of both mile programs should take note of this huge sign up bonus offer."

Moneyedup presents 6 Actionable Ways To Make Extra Money Using Your Writing Skills posted at MoneyedUP, saying, "There are ways that you can build up your bottom line using your writing skills."

Warren Stephen presents Does a 401K Distribution Count as Income for a Payday Loan? posted at FastPaydayCashAdvanceLoans.com - Payday Cash Advance Resources, saying, "The main thing that payday loan lenders care about is your ability to repay the money they loan to you. You can borrow as much as $1500 from a lender but they will not give you a dime if they do not think you will be able to pay it back."

David de Souza presents Record numbers of people submit tax return online posted at Tax Return Blog, saying, "Guide to submitting a tax return online and avoiding the penalty for filing your tax return late"

Jessica Bosari presents Credit Repair after Divorce | billeater.com posted at Billeater, saying, "Rebuilding your credit after divorce."

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Ophelia Pierce presents How to Save Money through Simple Changes posted at Online Business Education.

Lee Phillips presents LLC Formation | How to Form an LLC | Forming an LLC | LLC Forms Blog posted at LLC Wizard, saying, "Your LLC is a business vehicle. It should get you asset protection, tax benefits, and business protection. You get your articles of organization filed (some people call the operating agreement an “LLC company agreement”), and technically you have an LLC."

Brian @ BeBetterNow presents Money?s Golden Rule: Spend Less Than You Earn posted at Be Better Now, saying, "Thank you for your consideration"

Patty Pedersen presents Best Oil ETFs: Looking Beyond Energy Select SPDR XLE posted at AlphaProfit MoneyMatters - Investing Blog, saying, "Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF wins the contest among oil ETFs when it comes to popularity. This ETF however wasn’t the best performing ETF in this category in 2010. This article analyzes different energy ETFs and explains why energy service and natural gas ETFs have the potential to be top performers in 2011."

CreditCardGuru presents Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall posted at credit card forum [the blog], saying, "An in-depth look at the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall and how to get the most bang for your buck when using it."

Aussie Investor presents Investing In Shares Or Property - Which Is Better? posted at Australian Investing, saying, "This is a question which can almost cause good friends to come to blows. It seems that investing in residential property is such an emotional issue for some people. Well to add fuel to the fire I found the results of a study published last year found that investing in shares produced a better after tax return than investing in property."

Jeffrey Weber presents Discover No Fee Balance Transfer & 24 Month 0% Credit Cards posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, "A comparison of two limited time credit card offers from Discover aimed at consumers looking to save money via balance transfers."

MoneyNing presents What Would You Do with a Million Dollars? posted at Money Ning, saying, "I know what I would do with a million dollars. How about you?"

Joe Morgan presents Is Gen Y Irresponsible, Or Is It A Matter Of Perspective? posted at Simple Debt-Free Finance, saying, "Is Generation Y really just a bunch of selfish, entitled ne're do wells, or is it a generational misunderstanding?"

Nesher presents Coffee Commodity Trading Basics posted at Internet Stock Trading for Beginners.

Ryan Hudson presents 10 Terrific Tips to Help You Stay Out of Credit Card Debt posted at Best Credit Cards IQ.

CreditShout Kevin presents How Accurate Are Non-FICO Credit Scores? posted at CreditShout.

Judy Blackburn presents Eliminating Debt: Understanding Your Options posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, "Becoming financially independent requires the elimination of all bad debt and thus an improvement in invest-able income."

Craig/FFB presents Love and Taxes – Tax Filing Date Changed to February 14 For Some Tax Filers posted at Free From Broke, saying, "For some who file one of three particular IRS claims on their taxes, the first day to file your taxes is delayed. See if this affects you."

Moneyedup presents Save Up For College By Earning Extra Money posted at MoneyedUP, saying, "Whether you plan to foot the entire bill, or whether you plan to just help out in some specific areas, chances are that you will need to save up some money to help pay for kids’ college"

PT presents The Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards posted at Prime Time Money, saying, "PT Money walks you through which credit cards offer the best travel rewards."

Robert Moore presents Best Use of the Tax Refund posted at 2011 Tax, saying, "Spending your tax refund wisely starts with planning ahead."

Arjun Rudra presents On A Quest To Turn $3000 Into $100000 With Trader Mark Li, DMS posted at Investing Thesis, saying, "An interview with a equity and currency trader attempting to turn $3000 Into $100000."

BankMan presents Simplify You Banking and Financial Needs posted at High Yield Savings Accounts, saying, "Simplifying your finances can go a long way toward making your life easier and reducing your financial stress. Find out the benefits of consolidating your financial accounts."

Ryan @ MFN presents Understanding Tax Exempt Contributions and Withdrawals to the TSP posted at The Military Wallet, saying, "The Thrift Savings Plan (Govt. version of a 401k) allows military members to make tax exempt contributions when they are deployed to tax free combat zones."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of financial independence using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Taking control of your finances


It is a good time now to start to take control of your finances. We are after all all worried about money and if the news are true we continue to borrow more and more.

In order to avoid financial disaster, it is important to take control of your finances. The following 3 points will give you a good start towards taking control of your finances and achieving your financial objectives.

  1. Have a plan

    It is important to have a plan in order to achieve your financial objectives. Just like any project you may be part of at work, if you don’t plan you are more likely to fail.

    Make a plan for your personal finances, have achievable milestones along the way to help you to stay motivated and keep your eye on achieving your objective.

    It helps you to stay motivated and the achievable milestones, if you achieve them, will slowly take you closer to achieving your financial objectives.
  2. Cut discretionary income as much as possible

    With personal finances it is easy to get carried away and spend a little more. Little expenses done often add up to an incredible amount.

    A working person who eats out every day is likely to spend about $100 every week on lunch alone.

    Watch every little expense and cut as much as possible. It will help you to stay on track towards achieving your financial objectives.
  3. Keep track of your expenses

    It is very little to loose track of where your money is going. Little expenses that you don’t pay too much attention to are likely to be dragging you down.

    The best way to keep track of your expenses is by having a budget, following it and keeping it up to date with the latest expenses, no matter how little they are.

    After a while it is actually enjoyable to take control of your expenses, get rid of debt and invest your cash.

    It feels much much better than being caught up in large monthly credit card or other unnecessary bills.

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