Thursday, August 12, 2010

The science of getting rich - the impression of increase

"When dealing with other people, whether personally, via the internet or any other means of communication, the key thought of all your efforts must be to convey to their minds the impression of increase."

Convey the impression of advancement with everything you do, so that all people shall receive the impression that you are an “advancing personality” and that you advance all who deal with you. Even to the people whom you meet in a social way — without any thought of business and to whom you do not try to sell anything — give the thought of increase.

You can convey this impression by holding the unshakable faith that you are in the way of increase and by letting this faith inspire, fill, and permeate every action.

You must so impress others that they will feel that in associating with you they will get increase for themselves. See that you give them a use value greater than the cash value you are taking from them.

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