Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to make money online - 10 ways to use the internet to make money

There are many different ways to make online. Better still, you can setup sources of passive income that will continually flow money into your life.

The key to making money online is to do something. I have recently blogged about this. If you want to achieve something, you need to move from your current place, and start to act towards achieving your goals. If you want to make money online and all that you do is read about it you will never make any money.

The key is to start today, do something today to help you to achieve your goals. Use the list below as the first step towards becoming financially independent.

This article will list  10 different ways to make money online.

1 - Make money taking online surveys

If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash you may want to check out online surveys. All you need to do is register with one, or more, of the websites available and start taking the surveys. This can be fun and it can help you to make some extra spending cash or to put some money away for a fun holiday anything that tickles your fancy.
2 - Ebay

Ebay offers people with the ability to buy and sell stuff. If you have stuff around the house that you don't need anymore put it on ebay and you can make some extra money. There are other more complicated ways of using ebay to make money, I suggest you start simply by selling some wanted goods online and then progress to other ebay strategies from there. 
3 - Blogging

Blogging can be an extremely fun and rewarding activity. It can also be very frustrating depending on how serious you are about it.

You can setup your blog today for free using blogger for example. You can then turn your blog into a money making stream by monetizing it, which means adding advertising and other web materials can give you money. Part of your blog can include an affiliate program, adsense or you can even sell your own products.

One of the most challenging tasks in blogging is learning how to improve the amount of traffic to your blog, This can be very frustrating and time consuming, My tip is to hang in there, develop your blog, learn how to drive traffic to your site and, with time, they will come.
4 - Make money with ClickBank

ClickBank is simple, if you have a website or blog you can look at the ClickBank MarketPlace and choose which products you want to promote on your site. Every time someone buys the product you advertise you get a piece of the pie. This is different than ad sense because you can choose which products you want to sell to suit your audience.
5 - Google Adsense

Adsense is one of the most common online revenue streams. All you need to do is to sign up with Google, include the adds on your site and every time someone clicks you get paid.

This can be an easier way to make money than online affiliate programs because you get paid by the click and not every time someone buys something.
6 - Selling E-books

Do you have a hobby? Maybe you just interested in some topic. Chances are the there are thousands of other people on the internet that are interested on the same topic that you are. Write an e-book about it and sell it online. Build a community around your topic and sell your book in this community.

Writing e-books can not be rewarding but it can also give you a nice little stream of income.
7 - Build your own online forum community

If you have web development skills you can create your own online community forum, otherwise you can use forums that are available on the internet. Choose a topic that you like and that you know about it and create an online forum. You can learn from it and you can also use it to produce income through the selling of e-books, adsense or other online revenue streams.

8 - Become a freelance writer

There are a few websites where you can sign up and offer your services as a freelance writter. You don't need any qualification, all you need is the ability to clearly write and articulate your ideas. Check out FreelanceHomeWritters for an example site where you can promote your services.
9 - Become an online tutor

There are companies such as Tutor.com where you can become a tutor on a part-time basis. With this particular company you have to reside in the US or Canada to be able to be a tutor. The opportunity is there for a rewarding online part time job.
10 - Chitika

Their eMiniMalls service have improved traffic and profitability of bloggers and site owners alike. They offer you a nice interactive ad units called eMiniMalls to place on you blog or website. Every time a user clicks on an add you get paid.

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