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Financial Independence Compilation

Welcome to the August 11, 2010 edition of financial independence.

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We are offering you a free gift that we are sure that it will inspire you on your road to success. The book the Science of getting rich has inspired me and started me on my road to financial independence. I encourage you to download the book and join the SOGR network. You have nothing to lose. Click here to download your free book.

Your Financial Independence Articles

How to make money online - 10 ways to use the internet to make money - There are many different ways to make online. Better still, you can setup sources of passive income that will continually flow money into your life...

The science of getting rich - getting into the right business - "The various faculties of your mind are the tools with which you must do the work which is to make you rich. So it will be easier for you to succeed if you get into a business for which you are well equipped with mental tools."

The science of getting rich - efficient action - You can advance in life only by becoming larger than your present place,  only by expanding your skills, abilities and actions. The world is advanced by people who do much more than they are required to do...

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Pinnacle Plans LLC presents Permission is Not Optional in Email Marketing posted at Pinnacle Plans blogs.

Eadwine Walter presents Top 20 Urban Planning Successes of All Time posted at Masters in Public Administration, saying, "Planning a city is no easy task. This is a list of the 20 cities that actually did urban planning right."

Tim Chen presents Costco TrueEarnings: the Best Credit Card for Well-Rounded Spenders? posted at NerdWallet Blog - Credit Card Watch, saying, "When you, as a credit card user, are hunting for ways to maximize rewards, attention-grabbing 5% cash back offers can be tempting. But we’ve made no secret of our view that these cards rarely offer the best deals. If you just want to find the one card that fits your spending habits the best and move on with your life, the Amex TrueEarnings Card from Costco might be exactly what you’re looking for."

Nabil Gulamani presents The new definition of what it means to be Rich and why this is important for you to know posted at SuccessAtReach — SuccessAtReach.

Big Cajun Man presents The Good Wine: A Personal Finance Parable posted at Canadian Personal Finance Blog, saying, "When you plan, make sure you complete the plan and do what you want, or you might not get what you want."

Online Dividends presents $50 Tradeking Cash Bonus Promotion posted at Blogging Banks, saying, "Tradeking, which one of the best stock brokerages in the US, has a limited time promotion for new clients. The promotion expires August 31, 2010. source:"

Norriss presents Payday Cash Loans posted at Cheap Payday Loan Blog, saying, "Payday cash loan are a way out when we have an urgent payment requirement."

Luke Lee presents Debt Management posted at Credit Card Debt Relief | Right Start LLC, saying, "This article describes the workings and benefits of a debt management plan (DMP) for unsecured debt problems."

BIFS presents 10 Signs of Debt Storms Ahead posted at Budgeting In the Fun Stuff, saying, "I would highly suggest avoiding these financial scenarios."

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