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Financial Independence Compilation

Welcome to the September 12, 2010 edition of financial independence.

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Your Financial Independence Articles

Getting out of debt - the first step towards getting rich - "... learning how to deal with debt can be the first step towards financial independence..."

Blogging - diaries from a beginner blogger entry 1 - "...There are a couple of that motivated me to start this blog. (1) To learn more about personal finances management (2) to learn about starting small online businesses and of course (3) to make some money on the side.

So how am I going? The following sections outline how I am tracking against my objectives. ..."

Wise Bread presents Best Money Tips: 7 Worthless Excuses for Not Saving posted at Wisebread.

Pinnacle presents Blog - Pinnacle Plans - Baton Rouge, LA posted at Business Plans. presents Guide to Records Retention For Tax Purposes posted at Back Taxes Help.

Leave Debt presents Bi-weekly mortgage payments posted at Leave Debt Behind.

Wise Bread presents Be In Charge Of Your Finances posted at Wisebread.

Mark Macaluso presents The 50 Best Numismatics Blogs for Serious Collectors posted at Masters In Accounting, saying, "Numismatics…it’s the study of currency and we’re talking all types. Old coins, new coins, ancient coins and rare coins. This niche crowd is passionate about their hobby and share information on the web with numismatics afficionados, new and old."

debt kid presents Cutting the Cord posted at DebtKid.

Sheryl Owen presents Change of Address: 10 Great Going Away Party Ideas posted at Change of Address.

presents What is the Best Gas Credit Card? (We Compare 26 of them) posted at NerdWallet Blog - Credit Card Watch, saying, "What is the best gas credit card? The answer is not black and white. While it may be tempting to just pick the card with the highest listed reward rate, there are other things to consider first."

Leineriza presents How to Start Freelancing Online – What Rates to Charge posted at Freelance Grind, saying, "For a newbie to the online freelancing life, there are two ways to set your work rates: per hour or per project. Here's how."

MoneySecretRecipe presents How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing Using Blog posted at MoneySecretRecipe.

Charles Chua C K presents 10 Tips to Avoid a Default on a Car Loan and Bankruptcy posted at All About Living with Life.

David de Souza presents Landlords: 3 Ways To Reduce Your Tax Bill posted at UK Tax Blog, saying, "If you are a landlord, you may be paying too much tax on your property income. Our guide gives you three ways to save tax"

Frank Knight presents Asset Allocation Strategy posted at Best Personal Financial Planning Software, saying, "When you are already there and invested in an asset class, you are following a passive asset allocation strategy. Tactical asset allocation strategy advocates suggest that you can anticipate the crowd, but flow-of-funds studies show that almost all tactical asset allocation fund flows are late money flows that chase performance after valuations have already moved."

Arjun Rudra presents Investing In The Markets With The Threat Of A Double Dip Recession posted at Investing Thesis, saying, "Is the economy going to fall back into a recession or not? Not, at least not in the near term says Lee W. Appleton, portfolio manager at Matco Financial. Lee points to the steepness of the U.S. yield curve as having been a historically accurate precursor of recessions, with nine yield curve inversions followed by nine recessions. With the current yield curve being as steep as it’s been in 45 years, if one were to make an inference it would be that a recession is not on the horizon."

Kevin Poulis presents – Make Your Credit Cards Work For You posted at

freefrombroke presents Why Invest In Mutual Funds posted at Free From Broke, saying, "Mutual funds can be an important piece of a portfolio and a great means to increase wealth."

Jules Wells presents Investment Risk Tolerance Questionnaire posted at Best Personal Financial Planning Software, saying, "There is a way for you to get a much better assessment of your risk tolerance than you would from a simple conservative versus aggressive financial industry investor questionnaire."

BIFS presents A Closer Look at Diversification posted at Budgeting In the Fun Stuff, saying, "A closer look at the importance of diversification."

Neal Frankle presents 401k Performance – 5 Tips To Turbo Charge It Now posted at Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management Advice, Financial Stess Management, Addiction Recovery Plan & Resources, saying, "Here are 5 ways to increase your 401k performance."

PT presents Free Online Checking Accounts posted at Prime Time Money.

nissim ziv presents What are your Strengths? Interview Questions and Answers posted at Job Interview Guide, saying, "Talking about your strengths is a tricky one. You do not want to come across as an ego driven personality when answering about your strengths. You also don’t want to sound boastful and give a wrong impression about yourself."

Daniel M. Wood presents How to Use Motivation to Accomplish Your Goals and Start Living Your Dream Life posted at Looking to Business, saying, "To all of us wishing to succeed, motivation is the bread and butter in which we will forge our success.
If we don’t have the motivation to work hard, day in and day out towards our goals we will fail (or at least not succeed as quickly or well as we otherwise would have)."

Jena Ellis presents 10 Ways to Earn Fast Money posted at Online Certificate Programs.

Christina Crowe presents Finding Motivation: How to Adapt a Routine posted at Cash Campfire, saying, "Motivation is often the key to success in any career. Finding motivation then becomes a necessity in order to increase productivity and your earning potential. This article focuses on how to find motivation to work and what to do if motivation starts to plunge."

assdfil presents Chase Travel Card Showdown ? Continental OnePass vs Sapphire Preferred posted at NerdWallet Blog - Credit Card Watch, saying, "A few months back, Chase launched a new travel rewards card called the Continental OnePass Plus, which pays out OnePass frequent flyer miles for every dollar spent. Not content to leave it at that however, we decided to pit it up against another one of Chase’s all-star travel cards – the Sapphire Preferred."

conklbm presents Our Future Real Estate Entrepreneurs | The Southern Real Estate Investor posted at The Southern Real Estate Investor.

MoneySecretRecipe presents 4 Most Profitable Techniques To Promote Your Blog posted at MoneySecretRecipe.

Carlos Sera presents A Tale of Love; Financial Tales posted at Financial Tales, saying, "I wanted to release a tale that conveyed some old fashioned wisdom, especially for those readers that are young. My daughter just came back from spending a few months on an island where every day an older man would put up a sign that said “Wisdom 5 Cents” and sit in his lawn chair waiting for customers. I found it curious and of course it started me thinking about what it is that I’m doing with financial tales. So here’s my 5 cents on what is important about money and relationships. If anyone has any good mini-stories to add I would love to post them."

Neal Frankle presents What Is A Good FICO Credit Score Range? posted at Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management Advice, Financial Stess Management, Addiction Recovery Plan & Resources, saying, "It’s important to be in a good….no….great FICO credit score range. It’s also important to know what your score is."

glass_is_half presents Money Management from Diapers | The Mouse Trap posted at The Mouse Trap.

Mike Piper presents Do You Have an Investment Backup Plan? posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, "What's your plan in case your investments don't perform as well as you'd hoped?"

FMF presents How to Pick a Great Mutual Fund posted at Free Money Finance, saying, "The one key to picking a mutual fund with a great return."

Arjun Rudra presents Investing And Allocating Assets In Light Of Economic Weakness And Deflation posted at Investing Thesis, saying, "Given the conflicting macro economic data and way in which this data can be construed as bullish or bearish, inter-market analysis or a comprehensive macro perspective is crucial to formulate investment theses and asset allocation determinations for the long term. We sit down with a market veteran who has spent a large part of his career formulating research and trade ideas that help investors understand and maneuver unfolding market conditions."

Rob presents Best IRA Rates posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Learning how to get the best IRA rates available can help protect and grow your retirement investments. Learn how here."

BWL presents 7 Deadly Stock Investing Mistakes posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, "This article looks at 7 mistakes when it comes to stock investing..."

MoneyNing presents Will You Ever Be Able To Retire? posted at Money Ning, saying, "The economy may not be doing so well but don't fret, you can do it. You can retire!"

Khaleef @ KNS Financial presents Trying to Reduce Expenses? Sweat the Big Stuff! posted at Faithful With A Few, saying, "When we are first attempting to get our personal finances in order, we need to focus on the larger areas of spending. If not, we run the risk of getting overwhelmed by trying to change every small area of our finances."

freefrombroke presents What is Asset Allocation? posted at Free From Broke, saying, "What asset allocation is and why it's an important concept for an investor to understand and implement."

Roshawn Watson presents Economists Blame ME for the Slow Recovery posted at Watson Inc, saying, "You are responsible with your money. However, that doesn't get the press. Instead of admiration (or even understanding), these efforts garner contempt as the frugal once again get the blame for dismal economic activity."

Andrea presents 6 Tips to Find Out |How Smart are you about Money? posted at Savings Scoop.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents ETF Investing: Why Exchange Traded Funds Are Part of My Portfolio posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Thanks!"

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